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Synergy Cryogenics was founded in January, 2015 as part of the Equipment Distribution and Repair Agreement established between Sumitomo Corporation America Inc. and Synergy Systems Corporation (SynSysCo).

Synergy Cryogenics brings Cryopumps and Cryocoolers to the market with the same quality approach and support that has distinguish SynSysCo since its founding in 2005. As a primary dry pump supplier to hundreds of high technology customers in North America, SynSysCo has developed specialty equipment support arrangements and logistics services that keep our OEM and End User customers up and running. Our focus on detail and attention to quality yields some of the best warranties in the business for dry pumps. Synergy Cryogenics builds on these same principals and disciplines in the support of our Cryogenic Pump customers.

In addition to fully supporting the Marathon line of equipment, Synergy Cryogenics provides services to meet the growing demand for an alternative source of quality repairs for other brands of Cryopumps. Consequently, we also fully support CTI, and Austin Scientific-Oxford-Trillium cryogenic pumps and compressors.

For a review of how we support your Cryogenic Pump needs, please visit our Total System Support® summary or feel free to call us at 1-866-Dry-Pump. We look forward to earning your business.

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