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CP-81 Model Cryopump Large Image Available Configurations

  • All Industry-Standard Flanges
  • Standard Manual Operation
  • Optional Fully-Automated Operation with Marathon® Cryopump Controller
  • Two (2) cryopumps operating with one (1) HC-8E4 or F-70L/H Compressor
  • Displex® Technology
Standard Scope of Supply

  • CP-8 Cryopump
  • Zephyr®, HC-4E1, HC-8E4 or F-70L/H Compressor
  • 3 m (10 ft.) Flexible Gas Lines
  • 3 m (10 ft.)  Cold Head Cable
  • Tool Kit


Suggested Cryopump Applications

Cryopump use in Flat Panel Display Manufacturing applicationsFlat Panel and Lighting Cryopump use in solar applicationsSolar Cryopump application in the general coatings industryGeneral Coating Cryopump use in R & D applicationsR & D
Cryopump use in Radiation Therapy applicationsProton Therapy

Cryopump Specifications

Pumping Speed Air 1,500 liters/second
Water 4,200 liters/second
Argon 1,250 liters/second
Hydrogen 2,300 liters/second
Throughput Argon 11.0 torr-liters/second
(870 sccm)
Capacity Argon
(at 1×10-6 torr)
1,200 standard liters
(at 5×10-6 torr)
25 standard liters
Crossover Rating 220 torr-liters
Cooldown Time to 20 K 75 Minutes
Weight 16.8 kg (37 lbs.)
Dimensions (H) 516 mm (20.3 in.)
Maintenance 13,000 Hours

Specifications subject to change without notice.