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Marathon, Marathon CP and legacy APD Cryopumps can be serviced via “hot swap” on-site by the customer or a factory-trained technician, without breaking vacuum or removing the cryopump from the chamber for return or replacement.  This unique service option is the result of the high-quality, ultra-reliable Displex® Cryocooler technology found in all Marathon CP, Marathon and APD legacy Cryopumps.  Displex Cryocoolers have a long and successful operating history, and feature a very low vibration pneumatic drive that optimizes performance, reliability and maintainability. 

Performing hot swap service lowers the total cost of ownership by:

  • Eliminating the cost of shipping a complete cryopump to a service center
  • Eliminating labor costs associated with complete disassembly of the cryopump from your system
  • Minimizing the “down time” of your system for service or repair
  • Minimizing the required capital investment in spare parts

In addition, these cryopumps can be returned to our service center if needed. Product repairs and refurbishments performed include:

  • Flow check of all internal parts to ensure optimum refrigeration capacity
  • Replacement of required wear items-seals, valve disc, valve stem, capillaries and displacers-when necessary
  • Performance testing to factory specification
  • Leak check, both pressurized and for vacuum integrity, where applicable
  • Replacement or repair of vacuum components-chevron, 1st stage cryopanel, 2nd stage charcoal arrays-when necessary
  • Full factory warranty