The OMNI Solution

Models and Capacities Chart

DRIVE cyropumps selected and installed based on performance, quality, serviceability, and support, instead of what is available from a single OEM.

DEPLOY a helium compressor which operates cryopumps from different OEMs and manages both standard pumps and “smart pumps”.

SERVICE AND SUPPORT all of the above equipment from a single provider which includes full warranty coverage.

BREAK OUT of the OEM technology silo that may be limiting your process and equipment performance.

provide all of these features and benefits!

OMNI 800 Helium Compressor
  • Made in the USA — patents pending

  • OMNI® Helium Compressors drive multiple cryogenic pumps, made by different manufacturers, at the same time on the same tool.

  • OMNI® Compressors drive standard pumps and auto-regen pumps at the same time.

  • OMNI® Compressors have the electrical components, communication components, and helium supply components to simultaneously operate cryogenic pumps of different manufacturers — either as a singular group by manufacturer, or by mixing cryogenic pumps of multiple manufacturers on the same application.

  • OMNI® Compressors are available in air-cooled and water-cooled versions.