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We can custom design vacuum systems that incorporate analytical equipment such as RGA’s, add high vacuum pumping technology such as turbo molecular pumps and provide an easy to use system control that integrates all of the individual components. All of our vacuum systems are built around our core understanding of oil-free rough vacuum pumps.

Contact us to talk more about your vacuum system needs and we will work with you to understand how to best meet those needs and create a competitive proposal for the system that best fits your requirements.

SVR-50 Residual Gas Analyzer

The SVR-50 Turbo Cart unites Industry-leading vacuum components with fully automated one-touch controls to deliver a new premium standard in Mobile Turbo-Molecular Vacuum Carts.

Industrial Pump | SVR 50 Residual Gas Analyzer | SynSysCo Key Features:

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum Technology
  • High Sensitivity – Detection of low partial pressures
  • Mass Range – 1-100, 1-200, or 1-300 amu
  • Pfeiffer RGA
  • Pirani & Cold Cathode Gauges
  • High Mass Scale Stability – less calibration
  • On-Board Custom Widescreen Laptop Computer
  • High Dynamic Range – very high and very low concentrations can be measured simultaneously
  • Anest Iwata Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum
  • Pfeiffer Turbo Molecular Pump

SVR-50 Analytical Turbo Cart PDF

SVT-50 Turbo Pump Cart

The SVT-50 Turbo Cart unites industry-leading vacuum components with fully automated one-touch controls to deliver the new premium standard in Mobile Turbo Molecular Vacuum Carts!

Industrial Pump | SVT-50 Turbo Cart | SynSysCoKey Features and Benefits

  • Fully automated One-Touch Control delivers full functionality at the touch of a single button
  • Vacuum levels to 1 x 10-8 torr
  • Compact, stable and mobile design (24″ x 32″ x 48″)
  • PLC Controlled with onboard Ethernet compatibility
  • Password Protected Manual override control screen
  • Performance Trends Tracking, Set Point & Calibration Screens
  • Simple 120V AC, single phase power
  • Oil-Free

The SVT-50 Turbo Cart is manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, constructed with the following Premium Components:

  • Anest Iwata Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum Pump
  • Shimadzu Oil-Free Mag Lev Turbo Pump
  • VAT Premium Vacuum valves
  • Quantum Automation PLC Controls
  • TeleVac Cold Cathode High Vacuum Gauge