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Anest Iwata ISP-50

SynSysCo is a Global Distributor for all Anest Iwata Dry Scroll Vacuum pumps which includes the Anest Iwata Scroll Meister ISP-50 pump.

The ISP-50 Pump is cool, quiet, and highly efficient due to its unique patented balanced design.

The Benefits of Oil-Free Pumping are many and the Anest Iwata ISP-50 pump may be the immediate solution to oil contamination and disposal issues presented by your existing oil lubricated pumps.

Typical Applications for the ISP-50 include:

  • R & D
  • Labs
  • OEM Equipment
Technical DataUnitsAnest Iwata ISP-50
Displacement (50Hz)CFM (LPM)1.8 (50)
Displacement (60Hz)CFM (LPM)2.1 (60)
Operating Temperature Rangeo - C0 - 405C~40C / 41~104
Ultimate PressuremTorr )Pa)110
Motor Power RatingkW/HP1
Voltage1 Phase100/115/200/230V
Voltage3 Phasen/a
Noise Level (w air flush)dB A57
Weightlbs. (kq)12
Dimensions (LxWxH)inches
Inlet ConnectionNW25
Outlet Connection 1616
Water Handlingg/day3

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