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Thank you for visiting our site. Here you will find a variety of small dry pumps that will meet the most demanding Scientific Instrumentation requirements.

Anest Iwata ISP’s product history is exceptional. They are the primary roughing pumps for the main beam lines at Argon National Labs, Stanford Linear Accelerator, Fermi National Labs, Spring-8 Accelerator, and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

NASA tested the Anest Iwata pumps against all its competitors and Anest Iwata is the 1st choice for NASA Dry Scroll Pump applications. We support NCAR, NIST, NASA and a host of Federal Labs. There are thousands of pumps installed at OEM’s. The Anest Iwata Dry Scroll Pump’s quality and performance is proven and unquestioned. They are quiet, clean and reliable.

  • ISP Pumps are ideal for any air or inert gas process. They are quiet, efficient, lightweight, and have a small footprint. They handle up to 25 grams/day of water vapor. If you need a small pump that can handle more than 25 grams/day of water vapor, then check out the DVSL-100B pump which can handle 100g/day of water.
  • The Neo-Dry Line will support processes involving a variety of condensable vapors. They will handle up to 600 grams/hour of water vapor making them excellent candidates for drying applications. Go green, eliminate oil misting, emulsification, spills and disposal costs by switching to a dry pump. The Neo-Dry pumps are quiet, efficient and easily applied to your process.
  • SSC Compact Dry Scrolls are a line of specialty pumps typically engineered per process for OEM’s and specialty applications. They are available in 5, 20, and 50 lpm sizes and can operate on 24VAC or 110VAC power. They provide a base pressure down to 75mTorr.

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