Semiconductor, LED/OLED, FPD, MEMS

LOT Vacuum Pumps: World Class Dominant in Aggressive Applications

LOT vacuum pumps are found on the most aggressive FPD, 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm applications and are tailored for semiconductor, LED, OLED, and FPD processes.

  • The DD series is unique; the split-dual-helical dry vacuum pump design is ideally suited for the most aggressive and high-flow environments.
  • The HD hybrid dual-helical pump addresses lower flow requirements in harsh applications while providing world-class energy management and communication features.
  • The LD Series supports all inert and light-duty applications, while also providing world class energy management and communication features.

Regardless of the process or the platform, LOT Vacuum has a world class pump that will meet your needs.

DD Series Pumps: Excellent Performance in Aggressive, High-Demand, High-Flow Applications

DD series pumps are application proven on all semiconductor processes. The DD255 series is well suited for all FPD, 300mm, and 200mm applications by supporting high-particulate loads, aggressive chemistries, and high-process gas flows. All DD series pumps can be combined with VFD-driven mechanical boosters for higher pumping speeds, lower vacuum pressures, and energy management benefits. The DD105 series, based on the same fundamental design as the DD255 series, provides the same excellent performance for 200mm and 150mm applications.

  • Recommended applications: Crystal pulling, lamination, PECVD anti-reflective coating deposition, CdTe and CIGS processes
  • Pumping capacities: 105 M3/hr to 3,555 M3/hr (70-2,148 cfm)

HD Series Pumps: World Class CoO for Harsh Applications

HD series pumps are application proven pumps providing world class energy efficiency, low CoO, and excellent reliability. HD series are a good selection for PECVD and LPCD applications involving corrosive, condensable and particulate by-products. They are very compact, quiet and have state-of-the-art network, control and feedback capabilities.

  • Recommended applications: Diffusion furnaces, PECVD, a-Si / u-Si deposition, etch, LPCVD
  • Pumping capacities: 105 M3/hr to 3,555 M3/hr (70-2,148 cfm)

LD Series Pumps: World-Class Energy Efficiency for Light-Duty Applications

LD series pumps are designed to sip electricity and back turbo pumps. LD pumps are an excellent choice for entry and exit load locks, PVD turbos, evaporation chambers, and transfer chambers. LD Pumps incorporate the same state-of-the-art energy and communication features as the HD series.

  • Recommended applications: Turbo pump backing for PVD and evap chambers
  • Pumping capacities: 120 M3/hr to 900 M3/hr (70-530 cfm)

World-Class Vacuum Performance in the Harshest Etch and CVD Environments

LOT Vacuum’s design provides the shortest vacuum path for any pump in its class.  This advantage moves particulate through the pump quickly while contacting very few parts.  This feature  provides less opportunity for particulate to bind the pumping mechanism,  which results in trouble free operation over longer periods of time.  This design advantage has been proven for years in the most demanding 150mm to 300mm silicon nitride CVD applications and aggressive chemistries and is now bringing  market leadership to MEMS Etching.

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