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Leybold & Ulvac Dry Scroll Pumps are Manufactured by Anest Iwata

SynSysCo is an Anest Iwata Authorized Rebuild Facility and Rebuilds and Maintains Leybold and Ulvac Dry Scroll Pumps.

  • Anest Iwata “C” series “Scroll Meister” models consist of:ISP-1000C, ISP-500C, ISP- 250C, ISP-90C and ISP-5OC.
  • Ulvac has these pumps manufactured by Anest Iwata and labeled as:Ulvac DIS-501, DIS-251, and DIS-90.
  • Ulvac also has the Anest Iwata DVSL series manufactured and private labeled for them as:Ulvac DISL-101 and DISL-502.


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