Cryogenic Pumps & Compressors Support

Global Service

SynSysCo is the North American Distributor of the Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) line of Marathon® cryogenic pumps and compressors. All system application and configuration support is conducted from our Montrose, Colorado facility.

Our team supports the full line of SHI Marathon® cryopumps and compressors, our line of OMNI™ compressors, and a large selection of third-party cryopumps and compressors.

All cryogenic system repairs are managed through our Montrose, CO office and we work interactively with Sumitomo worldwide facilities to support OMNI™ and Marathon® equipment and systems.

Service Turnaround: USA

Service turnaround time is typically 10 to 20 working days after receipt of goods.  Expedited services are available.

Service Warranty

SynSysCo offers three levels of cryogenic pump rebuild services. The warranty term is based on the scope of rebuild and the severity of service in which the pump will be placed.

  • Bronze: 12-month warranty on parts and labor
  • Silver: 18-month warranty on parts and labor
  • Gold: 24-month warranty on parts and labor

Feel free to contact us by phone (866-DRY-PUMP) or email. We will be happy to discuss the advantages of OMNI™ compressors and the Marathon® equipment line.